Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Duty to one self and others

Kant's Theory of our existence

The notion of human beings only to exist for oneself and for others is what interests me the most. Kant said that is a human beings duty is to be a human being and to be object of experiences. Therefore, under my understanding, he is saying that, we, human beings can only exist for ourselves. At the same time, we, as human being, only exist to for other people experiences. Thus, this creates a purpose for everyone in the world; to live for other peoples’ experiences and/or pressure.

So my question to Kant is, “Is this the meaning of our existence?” “If so, did you have a very difficult time spreading the message in religion and science at the time?”
“Were you surprise about your theory?”

His theory makes sense in a way. The only way that a person would exist for me is to be a friend, a teacher, a person to see everyday, a person who has done me wrong or right, a person to talk to, or people just to fill the scenery with. Therefore, it is obviously to see that, from the very core of the concept, which everyone who I see and know is only there to fill my life with experience. What else would my friends and family exists, but to fill my life with sad, happy, and interesting experiences. This theory scared me at first, but now I understand it or I think I understand it.

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