Sunday, December 7, 2008

Random act of Kindness #7

Random Act of Kindness #7
Anonymous to stranger

Before the Drake fall semester start, my instructors, send out a list of books to buy over the internet than in the Drake University Bookstore. It seemed like a great idea because some of my book cost less over the internet than in the bookstore. So, I order most of my books in Amazon and the transaction went smoothly. I received my book with 3-5 weeks. However, there was one book that I never received and that was my sociology textbook. Classes were about to start and I needed to act fast if I was going to have a textbook for sociology. I e-emailed the seller about the textbook, that has not arrived. He e-mailed me back and wrote that he already shipped the textbook a long time ago and will arrived within the next day.

It never came….

So, I needed to cost my losses and buy the textbook in the University Bookstore, which cost a little bit more than what I paid the seller for his. Normally, a person in this situation would demand their money back and write a bad report about the seller. However, as the semester start, I was more concern about the wonderful opportunity I had to go to Drake. So, then I thought, I am not going to demand a refund and I am not going to write a bad report on the sell. This is college; I have to make some sacrifice and it is expensive. So, I e-mailed the seller and wrote “Thanks” then left this whole ordeal alone.

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