Monday, December 8, 2008

Random act of Kindness #8

Random Act of Kindness #8
To a person who I see, but know very well

Once again, the only person who I see very often, but don’t know, is Marlian. So, I thought that I should give her something for the holiday season. I bought a gift card and a gift card holder for Marlian. This was an easy act to do; however, to keep it anonymous, I had to be clever. I could not trust anyone to deliver the gift card to Marlian personally. No one, that I know, is very good at keeping secrets. Plus, they mostly likely keep the gift card for themselves.

So, I decided to ask the mailman to deliver the letter, not to her personally, but with the family’s mail. The mailman was confused by request; however, he did understand that I wanted this to be anonymous. I made sure that I wrote Marlian name clearly for Marlian’ family to understand that the gift card envelop was for her. And just for kicks, I drew in a heart after her name. I wonder how Marlian would act after receiving the gift card. Of course, I can never claim to have given it to her, because this is suppose to anonymous.

Nevertheless, I feel so good about myself, regardless of what Marlian may think about the gift card. And I see now, that no one can say that I did, because I don’t show any reason to anyone, why I would do should a thing.

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